Friday, 19 September 2014

Custom Made Lollipops – Speaking a thousand words

Lollipops have always been the favorite delight of children. But, to add an extra twist, how about custom made lollipops? Sounds interesting indeed! The next time you are throwing a birthday party for your kid you can opt for distributing tasty customized lollipops to the little guests. These lollipops can also serve as return gifts and kids are surely going to love them.

When you are going to order for custom made lollipops then make sure you consider a variety of flavors. It is the fruity flavors that are often the winner as children simply love them. Sometimes, a mix of fruity flavors such as grapes, apples, cherry and orange can be ordered in a combination. Also while customizing the lollipops you can give the traditional round shape a miss and go for other shapes like a parallelogram, triangle or square shapes.

There are numerous types of custom lollipops that are offered here like Lollipop Card, Tootsie Pop, but below is few of the best amongst all products:
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•    Junior Lollipop:  This product is a great giveaway that can be fun and delicious for little kids. There is dint of one color on the stick or the wrapper. This product is easily available in oval or round shapes and in all varied flavors.
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•    Dum- Dum Pop:  This lollipop an ancient time favorite. This comes in a lot of mouth watering flavors sour apple, raspberry, blueberry, cream soda, mango and Dulche De Leche are just to name a few.

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