Tuesday, 23 December 2014

5 best ways to keep your Iphone and Ipad screen safe and clean

Screen is the most important and delicate part of your gadgets whether talking of Iphones or Ipad. Iphone screen is highly sensitive to dust thus it needs proper handling and care.
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Why it is essential to have a clean screen of all your favorite gadgets?

Every gadget needs to have a clean screen in order to have a clear view. Today majority of people use Iphones for a long time due to several reasons. Some use it for personal entertainment by playing games while others for professional work. The most important part that needs proper care is thus the screen of your gadgets.

Scrutinize 5 ways to safely clean Iphone and Ipad screen

Several times, people have been observed cleaning Iphone screen with water or any other regular solvents available in market. But do you know such measures can be really harmful for your Iphone and also for your other gadgets too. Cleaning Iphone screen with such solvents can even damage it from inside. Now when you have purchased a costly gadget therefore its maintenance is also necessary.
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  • Turn off your gadget - Unplug or Switch off your phone while cleaning the screen to avoid harm to your gadgets.
  • Use good quality microfiber cloth - Avoid the use of handkerchiefs or shirt sleeves to clean Iphone screen as this may creates rashes on to the screen.
With above mentioned steps, easily enhance the durability of Iphone and Ipad screen.

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